The Black Widow’s Project – Heavy Heart (2012)

TBWP_Heavy-heart_2012 Think of Down and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society with even more and more intense stoner infusion, add some weight from Kyuss/Queens Of the Stone Age and the right amount of Alice In Chains/Soundgarden flavor to got the essence of what really The Black Widow’s Project it’s about.
The Black Widow’s Project delivered a surprisingly mature and solid debut album filled up with 14 genuine songs, and forged throughout with good-old-fashioned fuzz, powerful riffs, a heavy blend of blues and rock with noisy garage sound.
Formed in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2010 by the lead singer-guitarist Al Castro and the drummer Math Sink, they quickly realize their first EP called “Benefit Of The Doubt” which arouse great interest among the audience and in underground venues. After several lineup changes, Raph Despas joined the band as the bass player which allows them to find an even more powerful and personal sound.


They say: “Poetry, women, love, madness and spirituality are all great muses from what they do not hesitate to draw energy and boundless imagination. Playing hard and heavy is a state of mind in itself, a kind of revolt that allows sound to break the chains of monotony and fight against awaken sleep which society strives to put us all in.”

“Ha Ha Ha Uh” might be a bikers anthem, gonna make you push the “pedal to the metal”. “Devil’s Waiting For Us To Fail” crawls in much slower, it’s a stoner chainsaw, cut you to small pieces with blade sharp riffs and pounding drums. “Love’s a Weapon” kicks in with a fuzzed bass riff and a smooth blending of Black Sabbath feel with Southern rock and post-grunge flavors. Anselmo’s Down have this kind of heavy, still blues rooted songs.
“Cold Snakes” it’s build upon a very tasteful riff and a nicely pumping groove, reminded me of Corrosion Of Conformity. “The 5th” speeding up a little, the tone gets gloomier and heavier, everything seems twisted inside out and the result it’s a powerful heavy metal build-up. “Ain’t Gonna Tell You Lies” might be a classic Alice In Chains song, consist of an awesome mixture of electric and acoustic elements, clean and distorted sounds and also have a catchy groove. “We Have To Be Free” brings back the heavy, bone cutting riffs and the slow, smoky blues/Southern feel mixed into one. Tasty joint!
“These Little Pricks” blows in furiously, it’s probably one of the most heavy and intense songs from the record. The noisy solo it’s really murderous and throughout some Alice In Chains after-taste it’s pounding in the background, great track! “Interlude” it’s a Kyuss/Queens Of the Stone Age flavored grind leading into the contorted explosion of “Got The Devil” – another genuine rock anthem with biting riffs and pounding drums. “Dead Man Walking” mix the dark flavor with the pulsing rock vibe – love the distorted bass throughout!
“Spirits” sounds like an Indian incantation with Alice In Chains infusion – pretty creepy, but expressive and effective, after all this is a ghost song! “Night’s Damp” bring us all back to live, this is another bikers feel-like rock ride. “Innerwar” close the album in the same positive rock tones with tasty distortions and solid riffs. The breakdown it’s – again – very inspired and tasty, a nice swing of moods and leads to a great ending.
“Heavy Heart” it’s an excellent debut, a consistent material from this young Swiss band.

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