Let’s Murder the Moder Arts

Cut the crap and be brutally honest: modern generally speaking means quite tasteless or even worst. That’s a fact. Art is not about express yourself anymore, but about kissing asses to cash in eventually. It helps if you’re mindlessly gay or at least bisexual, if you have at least a Jewish promoter and – most of all – if you don’t have a clue what you’re talking, singing, painting, writing and generally, doing about. It’s better to be black, Hispanic or from China, Caucasian is so fuckin’ boring and ordinary! You need – it’s hopelessly mandatory – Facebook, Twitter and… Botox.
My name is… Picasso. Let’s Murder the Modern Arts!

I’ve got for you a mixtape with 14 downloadable tracks (actually many people who had listen this, bagging me for it : D ) and I have this painting series made of 7 different paintings revealing the same picture from different perspectives. An interesting and quite unique experiment. Outrageous! This is definitively murder one!

Mixtapes of Disaster by the_spoiled_jerks

The paintings are on classic pick up records (vinyl) with oil colors.
The “music”… well, the tracks were parts of my mixtape project called the spoileD Jerks back in 2005, I had fun mixing up and messing up different things and I hope you will have at least the same fun listening it.
Be cool and enjoy the stuffs!

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