Illogistical Resource Dept Catharsis 2012 The apocalypse comes from San Francisco. Or just the catharsis. The nature try to get back at us? Eventually. God knows…. 😆 But wont save us from ourselves.
Dan Menapace – Bass and Synths, Jim Harris – Guitar, and Noa Appleton – Drums are explorers, soundonauts. “Speak” it’s a modern, reiterated “Astronomy Domine”, a tasty and gloomy evoking of past values, but also a brave step into the unknown and the future.
This is a groovy, sometimes blowing in your face, but mainly gloomy and atmospheric Rock machinery build to explore the universe of sounds and find new paths for creativity and expression.
Released on 14 November 2012, the 8 tracks of “Catharsis” lead us into the dark world of our worst fears and subconscious.
“When Frogs Attack” starts menacing, the Primus taste is definitively there, but Illogistical Resource Dept. add their own flavor as well. Wicked riffs and spicy grooves are blending into a powerful, catchy song, an excellent “door opener” for an album full of different blends and flavors.
“The Secret Box” it’s a more Psychedelic flavored trip with a charming, mysterious aroma. What Forrest Gump’s mom said about life, it’s go to “Catharsis” as well: “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


“Speak” it’s not a path back to Pink Floyd, but rather sounds like Pink Floyd covered the classic Black Sabbath self-titled song. Psychedelic and dark, build upon shadows and slow cutting heaviness, “Speak” it’s a real pearl. Syd Barrett would feel quite comfortable in this tension and obscurity.
“Adverse Side Effects” gets further Psychedelic, spacy and abstract. The bass leads us into large and shady spaces while the broken rhythm stays throughout in the background.
“Vedic Soma” have a kind of vivid 80’s experimental/Post-Punk/New Wave taste, reminds me of their pioneering homies Tuxedomoon and eventually of Morphine. A saxophone would be awesome here and there. As sometimes I feel that a singer with the qualities and creativity of Devin Townsend would fits right in here. Still, this is very good as it is.

“The Midshipman” bring to the surface some Funky grooves merged into a cool and genuine Heavy Metal vibe. The parallel with Primus it’s obvious, still I.R.D. have a different feel and taste.
“The Road To Giza” it’s flavored with some Oriental mysticism and perfume, nice shift of flavors, but it’s still a pretty gloomy journey with unknown dangers hidden in the dark.
“Sine Language” it’s more about the vibe and it’s build upon the contrast of the catchy, simple them and the dark, menacing verses. This one reminds me somehow of Rush and not only because the guitar riffs.
“Augmented Banality” adds some Industrial noise layers to the Primus and Rush fueled build-up, slow breakdowns and speeding up moments are flowing smoothly to a pretty Heavy Metal closure.
“Caveat Emptor” keeps that Primus groove and gets even nastier.

“Scale it
Label it
Market it
A “Cure All” for the malign

False hope for those on the frontline

There is no scientific proof to substantiate the claim
that shark cartilage is a useful treatment for cancer
In at least one such study, the treatment was found ineffective
It’s the protein in cartilage that affects angiogenesis and
that protein would be digested rather than absorbed into the bloodstream
Injecting shark cartilage directly into the human bloodstream
may result in an unfavorable immune system response

If the tumor doesn’t finish you
the waiting will”

This is a quite dark and ultimately scary closure, there is no release, no cure, probably not even hope. But hopes are for presidents and dreams are for sleepers. This is the real world. Gloomy, unforgiving and uneven.
“Catharsis” it’s not a perfect album, but one with some brilliant moments, one which dare to surf into the unknown and explore the outer limits of the (Post) Rock genre without denying the influences and values of the Rock genre’s past and present. A balanced and tasty mixture of styles and moods, a bridge over time and genres, Illogistical Resource Dept. it’s one of the few names which worth to keep in mind. And “Catharsis” it’s an album worth to buy.

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  1. TwoSixPacksandDinner says:

    Great in depth review of one of my fav bands. Thanks!

  2. […] will be definitively hypnotized and will discover several dimensions and lots of hidden treasures. Illogistical Resource Dept. – Catharsis (2012) The apocalypse comes from San Francisco. Or just the catharsis. The nature try to get back at us? […]

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