Tiamat - The Scarred People (2012) After a quite long break and the announcement of Thomas Wyreson quitting the band back in 2008, Tiamant’s tenth full-length studio album, “The Scarred People”, is expected to be released on November 2, 2012 through Napalm Records.
The current line-up consist of Johan Edlund – vocals and guitar; Anders Iwers – bass, Roger Öjersson – guitars; and Lars Sköld – drums.
Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1987, Tiamat initially played straightforward Black Metal under the name Treblinka. After having recorded the album Sumerian Cry in 1989, vocalist/guitarist Johan Edlund and bassist Jörgen Thullberg parted ways with the other two founding members, and subsequently changed the name to Tiamat. “The Sumerian Cry” album included re-recorded Treblinka songs and was released in June 1990. Edlund changed the band’s style incorporated colourful influences from different bands such as Mercyful Fate, Candlemass, Pink Floyd and King Crimson, and with Sumerian lyrical themes.
Their 1994’s critically acclaimed “Wildhoney” led to the band’s appearances at the Dynamo and Wacken Open Air heavy metal festivals in 1995. The band mixed raw and clean vocals, slow guitar riffs and synthesizer, their sound moved gradually into the area of Gothic Rock.


Upon the release of “A Deeper Kind of Slumber” in 1997, Edlund relocated from Sweden to Germany and declared himself the only permanent member of the band. More recent albums showing strong, both Sisters of Mercy and Pink Floyd influences.
The band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in June 2007, and released their ninth album, “Amanethes” in 2008, album which was considered a return to the bands more extreme roots and original sound.
“The Scarred People” it’s more related to the band “Judas Christ” era sound, the Sisters Of Mercy influences are throughout present on the new album, songs like “Thunder & Lightning” are quite classic taste like Gothic Rock anthems with that particular 80’s taste while “Tiznit” and “Messinian Letter” kept the Pink Floyd aromas alive in Tiamat’s music.
This is a solid, mainly Gothic Rock rooted, absolutely fair Tiamat album. The band have the same freshness, the same strength and delivered a couple of dark, but both soulful and driven anthems. Once the seeds of their songs are placed into your ears (and heart), it’s hard to get rid of them. Dark, but delightful, as always, Tiamat delivered another quality release.


01. The Scarred People
02. Winter Dawn
03. 384EKteis
04. Radiant Star
05. The Sun Also Rises
06. Before Another Wilbury Dies
07. Love Terrorists
08. Messinian Letter
09. Thunder & Lightning
10. Tiznit
11. The Red of the Morning Sun

Highlights: “384EKteis”, “The Sun Also Rises”, “Thunder & Lightning”, “Messinian Letter”, “Winter Dawn”, “The Red of the Morning Sun”.

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