I wouldn’t even think of, not to believe it: I’ve become a figure (face, actually head 😀 ) in a game. F*ckingunbelievable!
It all started with the Weekly Brief of February 22, 2012 on Indaba Music, for which I submitted an ironic track called “Bang [The weirdest party I ve ever been]” – while the task was to submit something defined as”the best party jam”. Said “ironic” because I’m quite convinced that some people up there (Mantis actually 😆 ) fucking hates me and generally I do not belong in this (so-called music) industry while I’m (still) interested in music and not in kissing asses and delivering tasteless, predictable, boring, trend following… products.
Anyway, JohnnySix asked me if it would be fine with me if he make a video for this track, and of course I said, go for it.
But he didn’t make it. He did something better!

He made a funny game not only using my track as audio support, but he put my head in it as well. 😀 If you’re using Chrome it works great, don’t know on other browsers.
Have fun, and please be kind with my head! And also can download the track from my Bandcamp page – for free. 🙂

Thanks JohnnySix! Thanks! Big-big surprise and FUN!!!!

JohnnySix – Official Site
Play “Bang” on-line
Download for free the audio track of “Bang”

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2 Responses to Bang – my head! Free on-line game, play now!

  1. UnSoricel says:

    one for the CV?? … youe born villan is out !

    • brushvox says:

      For fun I think.
      Yeah, just heard it leaked out already on the internet… Not sure yet if I’m excited or afraid of this one, gonna listen and…. report.

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