The Prestige - Black Mouths (Artwork) Back at the beginning of the 90s with all that Alternative/Indie/Grunge wave, I discovered several huge bands among all the trash praised by the media and pushed by the record labels and agencies. One of them was the obscure H.P. Zinker from New York founded by Hans Platzgumer. Their last album, “Mountains of Madness” released in 1995 and its cover design by Stefan Sagmeister won several design awards and it was also nominated for Grammy. “Black Mouths” strangely, but unrelated, reminds me of that record. This Parisian quartet featuring Alex – vocals & guitars, Raphael – guitars, Thibaut – drums, and Julien – bass, delivering a same kind of colorful post-punk/hardcore, adrenaline fueled music merged with lots of colorful, experimental moments and deviations.
Can grab for free “The Truth”, the opening track of their upcoming full-length debut album.


Their official bio is pretty… consistent: “We don’t play deathcore. Stop reading, this is about music.” And probably they’re right, we talk too much, theorize things too much and mainly we miss the point.
“Black Mouths” consist of 10 tracks, will be released on April 3rd through Basement Apes Industries, Brain Ache, Enjoyment Records & Tangled Talk. I have no favorite song, or all the ten songs are my favorites – tough decision, better let’s not talk about it and as they said, listen to the music, because this is definitively music.
Not many bands nowadays delivering creative and intense albums such this one. Worth to listen every single second of it, they find the perfect balance between intense madness and pure creativity, experimentation remaining extremely heavy, but colorful.

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