Zardonic – Vulgar Display Of Bass (2012)

Zardonic - Vulgar Display Of Bass (2012) Federico Augusto Ágreda Álvarez, best known as Zardonic, is a Venezuelan DJ, producer, remixer, composer and keyboardist, known for his drum and bass act as well as his dark ambient, Black Metal and minimal techno side-projects as Blackholepit. His remix work include tracks for Nine Inch Nails, The Berzerker and Gorgoroth, as well as original releases on Dieselboy’s Human Imprint label and on Skrillex’s OWSLA label.
Expect, harsh, contorted, intense, noisy Dubstep, up to satisfy all the public expectations. This music is extremely groovy, sometimes dark enough, noisy and heavy in almost a Rock/Metal sense, high energy and even a sort of violence. And Zardonic definitively knows exactly what will hit you right in your face and what makes this s*it really banging. “Vulgar Display Of Bass” is a genre bending album of collaboration with a series of other artists and producers such as Counterstrike, Reid Speed, Messinian, Mark Instinct, NumberNin6, Run DMT, Krusha, Omar Santana & Voicians. Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Industrial and Metal are forged into one and will blow up your speakers. If you’re a fan of deadmau5, Skrillex, eventually The Prodigy, definitively you will bang your head off on this one too. I’m just not so sure about the…. revolution. Still, this is a good one, might be even the best in its genre and, on the other hand, “Revolution” is a huge song and not the only, a possible anthem for a future… revolution.


Dubstep – as any other genre, sub-genre – when it becomes trendy and the industry smell the money in it, becomes also predictable and ultimately extremely patterned and tasteless. I still enjoy Dubstep and in cases as this one, there are several huge songs (“Survive”, “Bring Back The Glory”, “Dominate”, “Mechagodzilla”, “Kickass”), not only wobbling basses and frequency oscillations, bass drops, and cutting noises. Zardonic managed to make a trendy record without being a clown, a “copy of an imitation” and this 12 songs definitively rocks your sock off, every single minute is banging like hell, everything it’s in the right place and sounds extremely aggressive. Well, this is not Pantera, not Metal, but something just the same heavy and intense. Actually this is much heavier and making more sense then the latest Korn, “The Path Of Totality” where was not even one song, only few better moments and some quality samples of nowadays Dubstep. But Zardonic have guts and kick asses.

Can buy the album from Beatport.


01. Zardonic, Counterstrike, Gein & Robyn Kaos – Revolution
02. Zardonic & Voicians – Bring Back The Glory
03. Zardonic, Mark Instinct, NumberNin6 & Run DMT – Real Steel
04. Zardonic & Playma – Kickass
05. Zardonic, Throttler & Lowbss – Hypnotized
06. Zardonic & Messinian – Survive
07. Zardonic, Omar Santana & Evan Gamble Lewis – Dominate
08. Zardonic & Receptor – Destroy
09. Zardonic, Memtrix, Cooh & No Money – Cut Raw
10. Zardonic & Krusha – Mechagodzilla
11. Zardonic – Deathmachine
12. Zardonic & Reid Speed – Sideshow Symphony

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