Lamb Of God – Resolution (2012)

If there is such thing (music) as “post-Pantera Metal”, Lamb Of God are definitively the kings of it. No better album to kick in into 2012 then this furiously raging “Resolution”, the band’s seventh studio album scheduled for a January 24 release. Hard – actually quite impossible – not to jump up and bang on this. Maybe this is (still) so Pantera, but this is still murderous and those bloody riffs, those killer screams and growls, this brutal Metal still have so much anger and energy that’s gonna rip your head off. Randy Blythe learned and applied all the tricks of Anselmo perfectly, Mark Morton and Willie Adler bring to the surface the most cutting edge riffs while the rhythm section made by drummer Chris Adler and bass player John Campbell delivered the most intense grooves extremely precisely. 14 tracks, almost one hour of massacre, call it Groove, Nu or whatever Metal, this is so brutal and so good that if it wouldn’t be invented, it would have. But no use to re-invent the Steel ( 😀 ), it’s essential to play it straight from your heart and with guts and loud enough.

Although, Lamb Of God once again managed to write killer themes, murderous songs, and not only recycle some working, verified patterns and standards. “Straight For The Sun” grinding like a collision between Black Sabbath and Pantera, it’s just bloody criminal; “Ghost Walking” – as most of these tracks – have that groove and anthematic Pantera feel, it’s Pantera, but so Lamb Of God too and it’s still the best Metal I can think of. “The Undertow” have incorporated also some Slayer like riffs; “The Number Six” merged quieter moments with eruption of anger, the song have a killer bassline; “Insurrection” have some classic Heavy Metal taste, but its groove is very strong and modern; “King Me” is quite dark and have a totally different vibration, very inspired closing of a brutally pulsing album.
Didn’t knew that Pantera had an evil twin. 👿


01 – Straight For The Sun
02 – Desolation
03 – Ghost Walking
04 – Guilty
05 – The Undertow
06 – The Number Six
07 – Barbaraosa
08 – Invictus
09 – Cheated
10 – Insurrection
11 – Terminally Unique
12 – To The End
13 – Visitation
14 – King Me

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