Blackout Beach – Fuck Death (2011)

This album sounds like a mesh up of David Bowie with Brian Eno, a little bit of both of them and a twist of everything, a mysterious hellhole of soulful electronics and psychedelic post-whatever – intentionally avoiding the therm of rock. It’s spooky, but simultaneously quite fascinating. Its have charm, spirit – and ultimately soul, soul that is totally lacking from the music nowadays when everything is resumed to sound, production and trends. Well, this is absolutely out of trend, off beat as it says. But it feels good, I like it.
This is Carey Mercer’s (of Frog Eyes and Swan Lake) solo creations began as a project called “Bertrand Russell and the Country Club” and the first album entitled “Light Flows the Putrid Dawn”, was issued in June 2004 on Soft Abuse.

The second full length album, “Skin of Evil” was released in 2008, composed, played and recorded entirely by Mercer alone.
Surprisingly the critics love “Fuck Death”. This is more a manifest rather than an album, this is kind of out of body experience regarding the state of the human beings and his ultimate alienation and spiritual downfall. Or this sounds just like a ghost hunt – definitively depends on the listener and not less on his/her mood. But definitively have its moments.
It’s about atmosphere and feeling. Take it personally. Fuck Death.


01. Beautiful Burning Desire
02. Torchlights Banned
03. Deserter’s Song
04. Be Forewarnded, The Night Has Come
05. Hornet’s Fury Into The Bandit’s Mouth
06. Drowning Pigs
07. Broken Braying of the Donkey’s Cry
08. Sending Postcards to a Ghost

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