Skinny Puppy – HanDover (2011)

From the classy industrial area slipping to the post-industrial and more cinematic, dark electronic segment of music, Skinny Puppy, the pioneer Canadian band, remains one of the leading motors of the genre. Al Jourgensen of Ministry was part of the band back in 1989, also Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, etc as many other famous figures contributed to this band since their formation in 1982 and till now. The band almost disbanded in 1995 when drugs and internal conflicts and ultimately death strikes the band which moved from the safety of Vancouver to the temptations of Malibu, but they managed to regroup after a five year gap and since 2000 Nivek Ogre (vocals) and cEvin Key (synthesizer, guitar, bass guitar, drums) reunited and performed live extensively.
Mark Walk (keyboards, synthesizer, guitar) joined in 2003 and in 2004 they released the ninth studio album entitled “The Greater Wrong of the Right”, followed in 2007 by the album “Mythmaker”. “HanDover”, the upcoming eleventh studio album of the band will be officially released on October 25, 2011 in the United States and an October 28, 2011 in Europe.

This might be the more darkest ant trippy release of the band up to date, but this is still an intense and exciting hell of a ride into the ambiental/dark electronic area of futuristic music. The closing act of the over 7 minutes of “noisex” are a freaking experiment of cinematic layers and noise contortions while songs like “ovirt” and “cullorblind” are quite anthematic, eventually radio-friendly or at least radio-admissible dark electro songs with glowing grooves and pulsing rock spirit. It’s a beautiful and colorful album with many secret dimensions and subtle constructions waiting to be discovered. Skinny Puppy didn’t lost its charm and spirit, but grow mature, eventually darker and have the same appetite to explore further the boundaries delivering high quality products.


01. ovirt
02. cullorblind
03. wavy
04. ashas
05. gambatte
06. icktums
07. point
08. brownstone
09. vyrisus
10. village
11. noisex

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