April – Ten Stones (2009)

April seems to be a very popular name among artist: a couple of bands running using this simple name which make pretty hard to identify one of them, make the difference. After some hard digging I find on MySpace the profile of this French duo, from there I’ve get to their official site and Facebook profile. I thought “Ten Stones” is their actual album, but I was wrong, it was released back in 2009. Merging classic music elements with electronic layers and samplers, combining pop, rock, indie and trip hop elements, JiBé (music, voice) and Flora (voice) delivered their own flavored music.

JiBé, guitarist and singer from Bordeaux, started April as a side project of his rock/metal band Silence Is Crime. Flora was also member of the band playing bass and vocals, she joined the project in 2008 and they released their debut album “Locked from The Inside” in the same year. “Ten Stones” was released one year later as free download for promotional reasons. Imagine a collision between Roxette, The Smashing Pumpkins and Dead Can Dance and you will obtain something quite close to what April deliver. Dark and subtle, build upon smooth layers and creating spacy, breathing themes, April juggling between catchy pop themes and gloomy rock constructions, electronic noises and fine acoustic flows.
“Sunderland”, the band’s third album was released on September 26th. For more info check their website.

April – Official Site
April @ MySpace
April @ Facebook

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