Chickenfoot – Chickenfoot III (2011)

Don’t panic – as I did 😀 -, you didn’t skipped the band’s second album, despite its title, this is not the band’s third album, but second. Some rumors said that the working title was “Chickenfoot IV”.
Scheduled to be released on September 27, 2011, the new album delivered by the “supergroup” of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) continue exactly from where they left on the debut album with the same kind of classy, powerful American hard rock. “Last Temptation” could find its place on any Van Halen album. It’s the classic case of something familiar, but fresh. But it’s not the only song which could be on any Van Halen album. “Alright, Alright” follows pumping in that same bright American spirit. Satriani delivered a tasty solo while the whole recording sounds quite raw and alive.
And let’s admit it: this “everything’s alright” attitude it feels so good sometimes and if the band can delivered some good-old fashioned hard rock in it’s best shape and with some fresh breath and timeless taste, it’s just great!

“Different Devil” takes things a little bit slower, it’s not a ballad, but quite sensitive. “Up Next” is build upon some cutting riffs and pumping bass, it’s one heavier track with some lovely guitar works. “Lighten Up” keeps the high energy button pushed to the bottom adding some sweet blues rock taste to the hard pounding of the song. “Come Closer” is a classy rock balled, a little bit dark, a little bit tensioned, but tasty and expressive. “Three and a Half Letters” might be another anthem, dark, but rocking hard, a nice mixture of modern sounds and classic rock values, it’s an explosive rock track, maybe one of the best moments of the album. Love it. And worth to listen to the lyrics. I need a fucking job too. Chad punch the s*it out of his drums while the riffs are cutting edged and noisy. America is not what it used to be as the whole world are going down on the spiral of depression.
“Big Foot” bring back something from the spirit of the 70’s with the fat nowadays sound. It have a very good pulse, flows naturally. “Dubai Blues” have a little jazzy taste with that charming, “Cabo Wabo” rock groove of Van Halen from “5150” (1986) and “OU812” (1988).
“Something Gone Wrong”? Nothing are going wrong for these guys. Maybe some will consider it too “80’s” or something, but this is so good. The song itself is a darker, bluesy track with some modern southern aroma, it closing nicely the album.
If you love Sammy Hagar and Van Halen, you will love this one as well.
Great job. Rock on!

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