Vader – Welcome to the Morbid Reich (2011)

Disappointed by “Illud Divinum Insanus”, the last Morbid Angel? It sounds too modern, too industrial? Well, “Welcome to the Morbid Reich” is classy as death metal originally was and Vader, veterans from “behind the Iron Curtain”, delivering quality, uncompromising, brutal death metal since the 80s.
“Morbid Reich”, their third demo released in 1990, selling nearly 10,000 copies and it’s still considered to be the best selling demo tape in the history of death metal. Entitled “Welcome to the Morbid Reich” definitively is a firm signal to the world and fans: Vader stays the same, expect just another intense, quality death metal album from Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek and his band mates.
You will be holding in your hands “Welcome To The Morbid Reich” on August 12th if you didn’t already get the mp3s leaked out on the internet… Should support your favorite bands and buy the real stuff, girls and boys, illegal downloads don’t pay artists bills…

I admit, I’m not a death metal devourer, but it’s also true, I had listen a couple of extremely good death metal releases through time. Vader are one of the very rare determined and devoted death metal bands from the world still staying firmly on the front, playing the same brutal, uncompromising metal as decades ago. And it’s something at least to respect. But this Polish deathsters plays the same extreme, aggressive, fast, but still complex and technical, intense, but melodious death metal and don’t even matter if you like or not death metal, the bottom line is that Vader seems to be unable to deliver a bad record.

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