Total Chaos – Battered and Smashed (2011)

Absolutely classy, undiluted 80s punk rock. These guys from Los Angeles delivering music – unbelievable! – since 1989 – for more than two decades.
Rob Chaos -Vox, Shawn Smash -Guitar, – D Shocker and Miguel Conflict – Bass, and Danny ‘Boy” Virus and Gearbox – Drums, juggling between The Ramones and The Exploited, delivering the perfect blending of both approaches. The band was formed as a response to the rising, commercial, “new style” of punk widely promoted by media and record labels and it was not only music, but a forum to convey important political and social views.
Total Chaos along with many others started organizations such as – UVP (United Valley Punks) OCP (Orange County Peace Punks) and AGC (Alternative Gathering Collective ) holding social events like:Food Not Bombs, giving support to the Big Mountain Indian Reservation and helping to open the Los Angeles Anarchist Center. The idea of social responsibility was a significant thing from organizing peace punk picnics to protesting against the Gulf War, their music had meaning and stood for something.

In 1991 Total Chaos recorded their first demo which led to their first 7 inch in July of ’92, “Nightmares”, a live recording.
After 21 years Total Chaos has grown as a band and has seen many come and go, but they have always kept their original ideals of what their genre of music is all about – which hasn’t been proven to be easy – during a time of mirages and deceit.
“Battered and Smashed” is the band’s 10th record and sounds just as any classic punk rock album, but still biting and fresh, energy full and breathing. Total Chaos incorporated in their punk rock all of the sub-genres from street punk to goth punk and from ska punk to crust punk and the 11 new songs will satisfy any punkrocker demands.

Still, I think it’s fucking funny, the band have songs such as “Political Repression” and “Wake Up America!”, don’t have an official web site, but own a Facebook profile… 😆 😆 😆
Spike up your hair, wear your studded leather, sing up for a social fuckin’ network! Punk’s not dead, just lonesome. And socializing. 😀

Total Chaos @ MySpace
Total Chaos @ Facebook

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