Soviet Soviet – Summer, Jesus (2011)

I just stumbled into this and it’s just such a nice surprise. Soviet Soviet are an Italian trio from Pesara and their music is a quite catchy mixture of garage and industrial rock noises with the bitter-sweet echoes of Joy Division and the straightness and healthy arrogance of The Clash. This 6 track CD was released by Tannen Records in June 2011 and it’s a quality post-punk product. The strong, pumping bass lines and the tasty guitar riffs are the strongest points of this material, these guys create dark atmosphere, have some good grooves and a few strong passages/themes. Maybe it’s not outstanding, but definitely worth to listen it.

Track list:

01. Contradiction
02. Human Nature
03. Prince, Prostitutes
04. Warmata
05. The Beasts Are Brave
06. Aztec Aztec

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Soviet Soviet @ Facebook
Tannen Records

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