Psychostick – Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs In 3D (2011)

The third strike of this so-called “Humorcore” band from Tempe, Arizona, will be released on August 16, 2011 and the band also made available the first two singles, “Political Bum” and “Beacuse Boobs” as free downloads on their web site in order to promote the album.
Quoting from their official bio: “a breath of fresh air has come for those who need a break from the standard angry rock or metal band. While many fans love the rush of loud and heavy music, it usually comes bundled with negative lyrics and attitudes”, Psychostick brings humor in Metal, adds dumb and funny lyrics to cutting riffs, pounding drums and the pulsing bass, reminds me somehow of Green Jellÿ, they add spices to classy Metal and sometimes full of shit life and boring, cliche-full (mainstream) music.

50 minutes of fun and riffs are a good enough reason to get into this.

Track listing:

01. “Premature Intoxication”
02. “Welcome to the Show”
03. “Saface :[”
04. “Because Boobs”
05. “Intervention for a Good Mood”
06. “Hate Times 8”
07. “It’s Just a Movie, Stupid”
08. “Political Bum”
09. “That Guy”
10. “Six Pounds of Terror”
11. “Methane Crescendo”
12. “My Clingy Girlfriend”
13. “The Root of All Evil”
14. “Numbers (I Can Only Count to Four)”
15. “Duh, of Course We Did Outakes!”

Psychostick – Official Site
Psychostick @ MySpace
Psychostick @ Facebook

Have a break, have a Taco. 😀

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