Prince Edward Island – This Day Is A Good Enough Day (2011)

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I actually missed something like this. Joyful, but acid and fun by dry humour, sounds mainly like drinking sing-a-longs, but catchy enough, simple, straight, not bloody indie rock, not again metalcore, harsh as the Scottish whiskey and smooth like a summer night, sunny as a child play, Prince Edward Island long awaited debut album “This day is a good enough day” coming through Crocfingers Record on Monday the 29th August. But till then, you can fully enjoy the whole material on their Soundcloud page. And enjoy it’s exactly how it feels. Reminds me a little bit of Eels and some good old days. When I gave up fooling myself and waiting for some better days – on a day like this with all the stock markets falling like dominoes one after another, this day and this album is more than good enough.

Prince Edward Island – This day is a good enough day by Soundandvisionpr

“Prince Edward Island first garnered interest after accidentally winning an Xfm Unsigned competition they unknowingly entered, resulting in a slot at the O2 Festival, Hyde Park. A feature on BBC 2 Scotland’s music TV show Rapal quickly followed along with a UK tour and BBC Radio 1 sessions at Maida Vale with Steve Jones and a regular slot as Welsh quirk-pop songwriter John MOuse’s backing band, Prince Edward Island finally find time to release their debut album ” – this is from their official promo and it’s all over the net, quoted or not.

Kicking out with a cough, the first track lasts only just over a minute and it’s not quite a song, can figure out too much about it. “You Look Like I Need A Drink” sound much more alive, and the lyrics are just funny. And at the very next “Like Bouncers We Stand” it’s kind of natural, I just love this s*it. And things getting only better: “Sex In The Morning (I’m Coughing , You’re Yawning)” it’s sweet and tasty like a lollipop and unavoidable like the coffee and the cigarette or the roses and the red wine. “I’ve Been To A City” have that kind of Eels resonance, particularly recalls “Novocain For The Soul”, still, Prince Edward Island remains on the sunnier side of the things. What kind of title is: “Are Your Mother-In-Law And Your Mother In Love?”?! And the song sound just like its title, pulsing, dizzy and funny. “Take Your Breath Away” brings back again the memories of Eels, the mellotron and the muted trumpet paint around just nicely the dialogue between the male and female voices. “It’s All Over Bar The Shouting” beeping in and through just to get us to “Let’s Stay In And Go To Town” which reminds me of Oh No! Oh My! and we’re just at the last stop of our trip: “I Am A Pig And You Are A Cow”… I won’t discuss this. 😀
Nice, enjoyable, funny, relaxing and summer sweet. It’s not alchemy, but have a kind of particular chemistry and I’m just gonna play it again.

Prince Edward Island – Official Site
Prince Edward Island @ MySpace
Crockfingers Records

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