Gravity – Syndrome (2011)

With roots back to classic and symphonic Heavy Metal, merging Death Metal with Groove and Nu Metal, Gravity are the latest promise of Montpellier Metal’s stage. Singed to M&O label last year, they released their debut full-length album entitled “Syndrom” in 2011. Emilie (vocals), Alex and Mathieu (guitars), Tim (bass) and Hugo (drums) delivered a quite unique blending of Metal sub-genres. Emilie covers a large range of singing styles from classic, clean singing to deadly howling and bloody screaming, sometimes evoking opera styles, other times – mainly – being extremely brutal and combine Death and Hardcore styles. The music is also colorful, while I’m getting bored by too many so-called whatever-core released lately, Gravity delivering quality modern Metal without repeating the trendy cliches and patterns.

The music is complex, but without being excessively sophisticated, Gravity operates cutting edge guitar riffs, powerful constructions, simple, straight and striking arrangements, managed to be progressive remaining brutal, but not tiresome. It’s a rare quality and Gravity managed to delivered an extremely catchy, strong and exciting debut album, all the 10 songs are well balanced and keeps the same high standards of quality.
“Syndrome” is an absolutely inspired and intense material, Metal fans must listen it.

The downside: once again, it’s pretty odd to me, how a band which proves creativity, chosen such an ordinary word as “gravity” to be the band’s name? There are several bands – most of them Americans, but not exclusively – from New York to Seattle and from Sydney to Berlin who pick-up upon this world to use it as band name. When the market shrinks and obviously there are more products than consumers, a “detail” as your name – your identity – is very-very important. Just try google “gravity band” and see how many results you will get… It’s pity that an exciting band such as this French Gravity didn’t came up with a more expressive name. “Black Gravity”, “Graveity”, I don’t know, something, anything!

This is a very good album, after the second, third listening it works even batter!

Gravity @ MySpace
M&O Office

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