Chimaira – The Age Of Hell (2011)

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The sixth installment from Chimaria will be released on August 16th, 2011 and the 12 new songs delivered by Mark Hunter and his band mates are the same dark, contorted and quality (modern) Metal as always. Melting into one Nu and Groove Metal elements and dark, contorted textures, Chimaira remains one of the leading acts of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene.
It’s been three years since “The Infection”, the band signed to eOne Music in January 2011 and finished recording their 6th album in March 2011. Long time keyboard player, Chris Spicuzza announced he would be leaving the band, he did not contribute to the new album and his replacement is Sean Zatorsky from metal band Dååth. Also drummer Andols Herrick and bass player Jim Lamarca announced that they leave the band due to differences, Andols Herrick was replaced by Austin D’Amond and Emil Werstler switch back from rhythm guitar to bass.
On track “Born in Blood” featuring Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel and on “Samsara” featuring Emil Werstler of Dååth.

Just like on the previous “The Infection”, Ben Schigel vocalist from Nu Metal band, Switched was the producer of the album who worked as producer also with bands such as STEMM, Drowning Pool, Walls of Jericho, Breaking Point, Allele, etc. “The Age Of Hell” sounds musculous and Chimaira prove to be the same ferocious monster.
We’re living through “The Age of Hell” and Chimaira guide us and show us dark, but cutting imagines of this “brand new” world. Prepared or not, Chimaira have no mercy. There’s no “borecore” cliches, only dark and heavy modern Metal constructions.

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