Cansei de Ser Sexy – La Liberacion (2011)

Got tired of being sexy? Free yourself and dance till the end of the world and everything further.
Scheduled to be released tomorrow – 22 August 2011 – after a three years gap, the third album by CSS – abbreviation for Cansei de Ser Sexy – “La Liberación”, is another tasty piece of groovy, extremely danceable, fresh and driving music right from São Paulo, Brazil. last time this vibe was delivered by Copacabana Club, another great Brazilian band. This mixture of Indie Pop and Rock, keyboards and guitars, it’s something extremely simple and catchy way to express yourself effortless, but without repeating yourself or following trends. And this music feels good because it comes naturally, it seems to be honest, Adriano Cintra and his band mate don’t try to sell you something else than they actually are.

Their leading single “Hits Me Like a Rock” featuring Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie sounds smooth as a Sunday morning, “Echo of Love” is filled with Brazilian congas and incredible good vibe, “Fuck Everything” takes you high as a Morphine song while the whole album is pumping like a wild evening down in the club after surfing the whole day at the sunny beach.
Adriano Cintra – bass, vocals, background vocals, Lovefoxxx – vocals, Ana Rezende aka Ana Rezende dos Anjos – guitars and keyboards, Carolina Parra – guitar, background vocals and Luiza Sá – guitar, keyboards, cowbell delivered bring back something from the sunny side of the 80s mixed up with the hooks of the 90s and vivid freshness combined with kind of hunger for exploration.
CSS was always about enjoyment and delight, and “La Liberación” even when gets into some darker themes as “City Grrl”, still are about joy and… liberation.

Track list:

01. I Love You
02. Hits Me Like A Rock
03. City Grrl
04. Echo Of Love
05. You Could Have It All
06. La Liberación
07. Partners In Crime
08. Ruby Eyes
09. Rhythm To The Rebels
10. Red Alert
11. Fuck Everything

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