Arhythmia – Awake (2011)

An arrhythmia is a disturbance of the normal electrical rhythm of the heart.
Second installment from this twisted groove/nu metal band from Alghero, Sardinia (Italy), “Awake” consist of ten, strong, breathing, modern metal songs with roots back both to classic and groove/nu metal.
Michele Canu – voice, Matteo Lombardo – guitar voice, Riccardo Bevitori – guitar, Luca Moro – bass and Gabriele Angius – drums formed the band in 2004. Focusing on intense live performances, the band gained a devoted fan-base. In 2006 they won the “Sardinia Rock Contest”, a battle involved more than 50 bands from throughout the region. They release their self produced debut effort entitled “Noize Room” in 2008 and continue the intense live activity, opening concerts for various big groups of the Italian scene and not only.

“Awake”, out on 27 May 2011, was released by LostSound Records / One Poci Records and it’s a balanced and powerful album, Arhythmia managed to bring together strong, cutting riffs, raw and melodious vocals, explosive drums and pumping basses, melt into one all the good things heard from Metallica to Kreator and from Annihilator to Machine Head.

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