Tyrant Of Death – Generation Bliss (2011)

Another free release (Megaupload link) from this very productive Canadian Industrial prodigy. Alex – Drums/Guitars/Bass/Programs and Omar – vocals brings to the surface contorted and neurotic tracks filled with crushing noises, complex structures and murderous riffs, juggling between Death Metal roots and psychotic electronic layers.
As the guys warning us: “if a site is selling this music, they’re ripping you off for their own profit. All these albums are for free” – and well, as I said, they are pretty productive, you also can download “Blood Lust (Re Issued)”, “Digital Injection”, “Year One (Compilation Of 7 Albums)”, as well as all their previous album releases: “Dark Space”, “Parasite”, “The Forthcoming”, “BloodLust”, “CONNECT”, and their first two EPs – First EP and Second EP.

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