Stardown – Venom (2011)

Merging the rawness and intensity of Pantera with the gloomy and twisted moments of Korn while Ardentis sung on a scale from howling brutality up till clean vocals which sometimes reminds me of Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) often then of Jonathan Davis (Korn), Stardown includes leaders of Russian metal scene from Amatory and Korea and delivering an extremely intense and powerful modern metal album.
Following “Insi Deus” which was produced & mixed in Denmark by famous sound engineer Jacob Hansen (Maroon, Raunchy, Volbeat), “Venom” was mixed by the same Jacob Hansen while all the drum tracks were recorded in Australia by the drummer Richard Evensand (ex-Chimaira), also featuring guest star Alex Pavlov from Amatory and leader of the band Ardentis.

Blowing out from the Pantera taste-like riffings of “Pray For Nothing” and till the very last cutting tunes of “Dangerous” – a disturbing mixture of intense riffings and gloomy themes, Stardown delivered a set of 10 killer metal tracks, matching the perfect balance between intensity and harmony, brutal riffings and melodious passages, remaining on a heavy, powerful path, a collision line of Pantera with Korn, but adding their own touch of strong metal.
Very convincing, groove oriented metal at high intensity.

Track list:

01 – Pray For Nothing
02 – Wake Up
03 – Omnisilence
04 – The Rain Of Millions Stars
05 – Earth Venomous
06 – In The Dark
07 – Blood For Blood
08 – Embrace This Beauty
09 – Naked Planet
10 – Dangerous

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