Nox – Freaks (2011)

Don’t misunderstand me: this is a pretty cool material. But why “Nox” – the Latin word for “night” – ? There’s a pretty famous Hungarian Pop band using this name,a Death Metal horde from Netherlands, although they were formerly known as Centurian and it seems they shift back to this moniker in 2010 – use/share the same name. And it’s pretty annoying. On a market over-saturated as the music market are, your name is your brand and musicians – artist – I expect to be more inspired, creative, conscious and careful when they pick up their name. Not to mention the possible legal issues and other inconveniences. Actually, it was pretty hard to dig them out on the internet… Others may not bother that much.
Nox (trio) comes from Brussels, Belgium and it’s the project involving Catherine Graindorge – who also plays violin in Monsoon, Elie Rabinovitch – drums and David Christophe – bass.

Started out from jazzy-postrock improvisations, Nox create a gloomy, mysteriously perfumed musical landscape constructed on the minimalist ground of drums, bass and violin. The violin sometimes bring a sparkling classic aroma to their composition, otherwise their music balancing between jazz resonant improvisations, post-rock experiments and cinematic expressionism and minimalism. While most of the avant-garde/improvising experiments are quite noisy, Nox music is mainly quiet and introspective, still sometimes tensioned and they get almost explosive. “Smoke” – for instance – reminds me of “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”, but they do not freak out as Roger Waters did with his band mates back in ’68.
“Doppler Effect” is another beautiful peace, the vocals on it make it more catchier and incisive.
Nox also reminds me of Dead Can Dance much often then of Godspeed You Black Emperor or A Silver Mt. Zion. Nox is about atmosphere, and well they delivered a quite exciting “soundtrack” filled sometimes with gloomy elements, but in essence, their music is quite beautiful. And somehow hypnotizing.

Track list:

1. Electricity
2. The Monsoon
3. Transition
4. Smoke
5. Dust
6. Doppler Effect
7. Freaks

Nox (trio) @ MySpace
Depot 214 Records

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