My TV is Dead – Freedomatic (2009)

One more exciting band from Belgium after Thot , I, the Phoenix , Black Spires , Nox etc. And well, all these bands – and few others – are interesting in different ways, they are all “digging” in different directions.
The duo consist of Amaury Massion – vocals and guitar, and Joel Grignard – guitar, bass and keyboards start the project at Berlin during a week of performances at the famous Tacheles and by this debut album entitled “Freedomatic” they taking the world one by one, country by country, front by front, releasing it till now in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and France.

My TV is Dead find their own receipt of blending music: they use some minimalist, pulsing elements of the 80s new and dark wave movement, rawness from the post-punk scene, experimental flavors of the 70s and they are not ashamed to use even some pop and indie after-tastes of the nowadays. This is an ever-shifting, but naturally flowing music with millions of colours and shades, it’s sparkling and breathing, beautiful and alive.
It’s strange, sounds pretty familiar, still nothing like. Extremely refreshing, on the other hand classy and retro, but looking further.

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