Le Swing Du Lundi – Swing a nouvelle-ville (2011)

Morwenna Le Normand Рvocals, Fred Miossec Рclarinet, Christian H̩l̩ard Рguitar, Erwan Raoul Рguitar and Fran̤ois Chapron Рbass share a common passion: the swing. In their opinion, swing is the cure against monotony, against the cloudy sky and the gray Mondays, swing is the cure for everything.
Chicago, Blue Moon, It don’t Mean a Thing, Honey Suckle Rose are some of their re-swing titles, the French band delivered a nice collection of unforgettable tunes served with style and charm, classy, acoustic, but with fire in it and groovy, still soulful.

Le Swing Du Lundi delivered 13 classics, and swing seems fresh and ageless, charming and colourful. It’s something subtle and sinful, something wicked, but extremely joyful about swing, something irresistible.

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Contact: fred.miossec@gmail.com

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