Exes For Eyes – The Amsler Grid (2011)

From Canada, this band bring to the surface the perfect balance between raw hardcore and groove metal, merged into one the energy and the strength of the classic Pantera sound and some of the now days schemes of metalcore and a nice twist of southern rock delivering powerful and brutal, but still catchy and sometimes quite melodious metal anthems perfectly suitable for an extreme moshing down in the club. Songs like “Romanticize the Struggle” (over 8 minutes) are disturbing mixture of Pantera/Down like elements with a nice addition of modern, metalcore-like elements will give you a pretty good teaser of what’s Exes For Eyes essence. Most of their songs (“Feel Again”, “Stop Thinking Start Feelin'”, etc) are almost classic groove/southern metal anthems, Pantera fans are mainly targeted and for sure will be absolutely delighted, Exes For Eyes brings southern riffs back to metal as only Pantera managed before, but still, Exes For Eyes sounds quite as Exes For Eyes and their almost old-school metal comes quite refreshing while lately most of the bands struggling only to copy the now days trendy so-called metalcore cliches and recycling the same patterns.

Big James Arensian – vocals, guitarists Dave Sheldon and Randy Doyle, Graham Porter on bass and Aaron Spink on drums throw away any useless sophism, they concentrate on simplicity, power and sometimes reminds me of Lemmy’s Motorhead, but introducing something from the explosion of Between the Buried and Me, Exes For Eyes find their own path between being classy and looking forward, merging past and future into a strong, uncompromising metal and avoiding to be trendy.
Dave Sheldon, ex Man With Target and former touring bassist for Canadian thrash-metal veterans Annihilator, has started this project with Montreal vocal juggernaut “Big” James Arsenian of the bands Endast and Authors.
“The Amsler Grid” is a strong, exciting and colorful collection of classy and catchy metal songs, a perfect debut album and a nice reminder of what makes metal rocking hard.

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