Copacabana Club – Tropical Splash (2011)

This year I stumbled into a couple of excellent Brazilian bands from quite different genres – not that I actually care about labels – , starting from The Tape Disaster and MindFlow to the Campbell Trio and Lisabi. Copacabana Club reminds me of another great Brazilian band: Cansei de Ser Sexy, and by the way, after a three years gap, their new album entitled “La Liberacion” will be released at the end of the next month. So, Copacabana Club have the same kind of vibe and groove, labeled by some as New Rave, they mixing indie pop with 80s funk, rock with pop and push you directly to the dancefloor. Their mixture it’s very fresh, pumping, energy full and catchy, but it’s also kind of glamorous and retro, still absolutely now days, fresh. And “Tropical Splash” is filled with one by one catchy songs, from the anthematic “Peach” to the provocative “Sex Sex Sex”, the minimalist “Pas Toujours” and the catchy “Just Do It” or the bluesy “Darling”. 

“Copacabana Club are three blokes and two girls from Curitiba, Southern Brazil. Starting in 2007, they blend indie rock with a twist of Brazilian music to craft catchy songs that attract a fast growing audience and turn each gig into a dancefloor… “ (MySpace)
In 2008, Copacabana Club released their first album, “King of the Night”, impressing with their uniquely eclectic and tropically sweet sound, danceable tunes and catchy themes.

Tropical Splash by copacabanaclub

“Tropical Splash” deliver 13 brand new dance hits, Copacabana Club knows what makes you move and gives you exactly what you need to makes you hot. I just can imagine something more suitable for a night on fire in the club. Or something better to dance on at the beach. I’m loving it! They are the kings of the night.

Copacabana Club – Official Site
Copacabana Club @ MySpace

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