Breathe Carolina – Hell Is What You Make It (2011)

I’ve been listening lately hundreds of emocore/matchcore/metalcore releases, Breathe Carolina is an opportunity – chance, or don’t matter which other word I use, it would sound anyway odd – to get a perspective about the “other side” of this emo-whatever-core genre, they use rarely rock/metal inserts and only to color their rave/dance/electro-pop music patterns while their songs still preserves some emo roots. Their impressive resume already boasts music cues on NBC’s Monday Night Football, The Jay Leno Show and MTV’s The Hills/The City, a slot in Alternative Press’ Most Anticipated Albums 2011, and 60,000 copies sold in the U.S. alone of their hit album “Hello Fascination”. With this third full-length release they aim to the superstardom status and in a world where millions seriously believe that Britney Spears is talented, well, everything is still possible.
“Stepped Up And Scratched”, the hard-electro remix album by Asking Alexandria, I thought is the border of rave/emocore mixture, Breathe Carolina prove me I was wrong, they bring less guitars and noisy explosions, but focusing more on dance and pop themes and raving synthesizers and samplers.

This is kind of odd. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stubborn, traditional metal fan, I love punk just as much as I love jazz and industrial as quality dance music. I really like acts such as The Prodigy and Subsource, but Breathe Carolina are far not that heavy and incisive as they are. Anyway, metal fans no way to enjoy Breathe Carolina as dance addicted disco ramblers I don’t think will really appreciate they metal inputs on the dancefloor even if they don’t use them very often. So, their sound didn’t shake my world, for my ears they do not sound so astonishing as they try to sell it to us, but more important, getting through the whole album, I didn’t noticed any great song, possible anthem or hit. They bring along only recycled patterns and cliches of the 80s and 90s rave scene, eventually their sound gets buzzier, stronger and perhaps more percussive, but that’s all.

Disco out, murders in!

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