Army of the Universe – Mother Ignorance (2011)

Juggling between the 80s glam and dark electro/dark wave sounds and the 90s minimalist industrial demolitions with influences from acts such Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, 16 Volt, Filter, Front Line Assembly, etc, Army of the Universe arise from Milan, Italy delivered a quite refreshing blending of electronica and trance elements with anthematic rock.
On this mission Lord K (Vocals) and Trebla (production) benefits from the mixing and production assistance by the Grammy-award winning drummer for Nine Inch Nails, keyboardist for Marilyn Manson, and multi-gold record producer/engineer for Rasmus, Megadeth, Slipknot and Metallica, and founder of Tweaker, Chris Vrenna.

Mastered at Chart Maker studios in Helsinki (Bjork, Rammstein), “Mother Ignorance” have a few extremely catchy moments – “Lovedead”, “Cold In Heaven”, “Hollywood Drama”, “Flowers”, “Dust In The Universe”, “Retarded” (only to name a few) – it’s an extremely fresh and balanced blending between catchy, pop/electro themes and sounds and contorted industrial rock elements.
The sound lays upon analog synths in a fusion with blade-like guitars, speeding around echoes of 80’s metal, flirting with backgrounds of British school electronica, new wave and techno beats, exploring the frontiers of post-rock and post-electronica and finding the perfect balance between the dancefloor and rock arenas.
Army Of the Universe have confirmed their first North American tour, joining KMFDM for an August trek that kicks off on Aug. 3 in Seattle and wraps up on Aug. 27 in Victoria, British Columbia. Also on the bill are Human Factors Lab and 16 Volt.
“Mother Ignorance” is more than just an excellent debut album, their future more then promising, it’s wide open.

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