311 – Universal Pulse (2011)

Being around for 23 years; released ten studio albums, one live album, four compilation albums, four EPs and four DVDs; achieved triple platinum with their 1995 self-titled album, which reached #12 on the Billboard 200 and achieved platinum with one more album and gold with other two; and finally, but not at least, selling over 8 million records worldwide, 311 seems to be a quite successful recipe. Generally labeled as an alternative rock band, they are also classified as rap rock, rap metal, funk rock, funk metal, ska punk, pop punk, reggae and even jazz fusion. Their ten, and up to date shortest album – only 8 tracks -, “Universal Pulse”, will not clarify further their style and genre, it’s another colourful album, while some might even say, this is the same 311 album they’ve already heard it nine times before.
This is a summer album.

And while summer don’t last forever, so, it’s quite difficult to predict how long it will last in charts. It has good vibe, good grooves, mainly pulsing mid and upbeats, some rock riffs and nice reggae themes mixed into one, rap vocals and catchy choruses, 311 – once again – delivering all the best tricks they know. I guess, after all these year, the band has nothing to prove to anybody and somehow this is laud and clear on this record. It’s about feel good. Simple like that and it’s quite enough and its actually feels good.
Produced by Bob Rock – just like its predecessor “Uplifter” in 2009 – the record sounds clean, simple and round.
Probably it’s a simple love or hate situation, I actually kind of like this album.

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