DJ Clonepa – Courroux (2011)

Mixing breakcore with classic, symphonic music and sometimes with jazz, DJ Clonepa actually make pretty interesting blending of music. Nathaniel Marlow, from Richmond, Kentucky, started in 2007 his mixing and “Courroux” is a pretty exciting and intense material, an explosive collision of groovy and twisted drums with smooth, harmonic symphonic orchestral constructions and jazzy musical inserts. Sometimes this blending is smooth, sometimes the drums overlapping everything creating hell of a noise, but still, there are some extremely interesting moments, good twists and turns, the gloomy, kind of authentic Baroque/Gothic atmosphere and these contorted rhythms and breaks are making an unique and exciting pair.
Following the tradition of precursors as Venetian Snares, DJ Clonepa bring to the surface some extremely intense and exciting mixes and there are a few very good tracks.

I liked especially the jazzy “Mutilate Part I”, the mysteriously perfumed and fragmented “Illimitable Dominion”, the baroquest “Psychogenetic Fugue” and its sick turns into the incursion in rap with “Psychogenetic Fugue”, the smoothness of “Mutilate Part II”, and well, somehow this record quite spinning, it has its glow and atmosphere, keeps you busy and curious what comes next.
I’m not quite into this DJ business, I listen Venetian Snares, Caustic and a few other guys, so I’m not an “expert” or something, but DJ Clonepa quite impressed me.

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