6 comments on “Coerce – Ethereal Surrogate Saviour (2011)

    • dude, maybe you should do at least a fuckin’ googleing before chosen a band name and up-date your web pages often. if this is German Pop, I quit smoking.
      anyway, thanks, actually I did some diggings, but this isn’t sound “Tropical’ to me, so obviously I thought this is the other band… I make a few changes in the post, bad PR, still, great album.

  1. Hardly anyone uses myspace anymore. Anyhow the genre is just a joke http://www.facebook/coercethesound
    there are at least 5 bands I know of called Coerce
    the UK one didn’t do much and broke up almost as soon as they put up there myspace page and all the others i’ve seen started after us. Didn’t mean to cause offense. had to clarify it though. Glad you’re into it

    • I can think of anything stupider than Facebook. seriously. I know it’s fucking popular, but still, it’s far the most idiot site I know. No such thing as “all in one”/”one size fits all”… Of course, MySpace lost a lot of his share of market, myself do not up-dated my page recently, but still, MySpace is more art/music dedicated site than Facebook. Facebook – in my opinion – is for lazy, superficial and ignorant persons… Last year a band announced a gig on their Facebook page, over 1000 people said they will go to the gig and at the club didn’t show up more then 10 figures… so.
      Well, later I stumbled into a dozen of cases when different bands shared the same name and still I think it’s at least pity.
      Take care!

  2. Hey Brushvox.
    Maybe you should buy the actual album and read the credits, rather than listening online and having an opinion about music that doesnt belong to the people you are on about.
    Pretty simple thing to do…..

    • stay chill, when I really like something, I bought it.
      usually I receive from bands, labels and agencies, marketing & communication companies press-pack, biographies, links and information about their release, other time I dig out myself some stuffs. there are guys who refuse to write about records if they do not receive free CDs, but it’s not my case, I actually refuse the free CDs, I’ve got myself a pretty nice library of CDs I bought in the last 20 and so years.
      I’m not even on some kind of mission, I write about the things I’m listening. Day by day a trillion of labels releasing trillion of products, it’s impossible even to listening all of them, not to think of buy them. many bands remains unknown or best, stay exclusively local because this mindless over flow… on the other hand, I think fans should listen and know what they might be about to buy and blogs and shits like mine are mainly useful for both fans and artist. actually I do a pretty good PR and promotion job for free for some artists sometimes I don’t even know personally. you may be surprised, but most of them are really appreciate what I’m doing. well, not everybody got good reviews, but taste and perception are quite subjective, isn’t it?
      that’s all.
      just one more thing: unfortunately I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers. how is the weather in Rockhampton? 🙂

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