Tera Melos – Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth (2011)

Let’s say this from the beginning: this is not “something” easy to digest to the Billboard like music consumers. Actually, Tera Melos after finished tracking for “Patagonian Rats”, they previous record released in 2010, at the hangar in Sacramento, had some additional studio time and decided to record a live, improvised piece for… fun. “Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth” is a 51 minutes track, a stream of conscious, weird, messed up playing, freakout, improvised piece.
Tera Melos have developed a cult-like fan base around the United States. The band was formed in 2004 in Sacramento, California, after the breakup of Nick Reinhart and Nathan Latona’s former band No Regard. They teamed up with Jeff Worms and Vince Rogers. Jeff Worms, left the band in 2007 and as a trio they embarked on their first national tour with The Fall of Troy, Portugal. The Man and Damiera.

In 2008 Vince Rogers also left the band and John Clardy become their new drummer.
The band incorporates many styles of rock, jazz, ambient electronics and unconventional song structure into their experimental, match rock. “Echo On…” is another journey into a shattered and gloomy world, a path of exploration and a chance to get an inside look in the laboratory of creation of a band. Don’t try this at home!

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