Mr. Pan[k]sament – Electro-Acoustic Two Notes Techno (Unstable Mix)

It’s been a while since I write/record something new. So this is the fresh s*it. I had some fun writing a classic Techno tune but kicking it off from some nice and gentle acoustic instruments, actually some strings and a “dummy” piano theme which have only the role to replace the drums. I had in mind to write something quite simple: no more than two, eventually three notes and hell yeah, I think this is a great song after all. Once again I will say what Henry Rollins said: music shouldn’t be brain surgery. Well, this album (The Ghost of the Absent Father) it’s pretty off from my usual path of musical searches, but I hate to repeat myself and well, I love to deviate into different stuffs from time to time. 🙂

Not at least, I hope David will love this one as well. 😀
Written, recorded and mixed on 30 April, 2011 by Attila Brushvox aka. Mr. Pan[k]sament

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