Atlantis – Mistress of Ghosts (2011)

I still don’t get it, how it comes that some guys seems to be pretty creatives, but when it comes to choose a band name, something I believe it’s pretty important by the way, they just fuck it up or simply shitting on their self? “Atlantis” is a name used by probably half of the planet for different products, including band names. And it was already a rock band in the 70s using this name in Germany. Gilson Heitinga started writing songs under the name “Atlantis” in the winter of 2005/2006. While choosing a name he wasn’t really inspired, the songs he wrote are pretty interesting. Otherwise the name actually fits the music. Releasing the debut “Carpe Omnium” in 2007 and on the good tradition of Trent Reznor, formed a live band including Sander Bolk, Carlo Leijtens, Gido Leijtens and Marijn Slot. Singed for the Nottingham based label, Field Records and “Mistress of Ghosts” is Gilson’s second full-length album.
This is a gloomy, contorted incursion in a world made of enigmatic noises, glowing textures, delicate sounds and expressive shades.

“Mistress of Ghosts” sounds like a film score, but vibrates as a true avant-garde experiment should. It runs deep, spacy constructions are colored intensely with unexpected elements, mysterious noises, blowing guitars, trembling strings, sensitive pianos and crushing drums and percussion. Sometimes it sounds a little bit synthetic, but this is the XXI century. Glison managed to surprise with his trips into different moods, sounds and approaches and that makes the album breathing and very alive. 9 beautiful tracks, a flowing album. Rock shaped moments and obscure wanderings are merged into a single shivering universe. Intense and beautiful, worth to listen every minute of it.

Atlantis – on MySpace
Field Records
Mistress of Ghosts – on Bandcamp

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