The Tape Disaster – Realidade Aumentada (2011)

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Mainly in rock/metal circles the mention of Brasilia bring up almost exclusively the name of Sepultura. Cliche or not, that’s a fact. Ratos de Porato for many still remains an unknown name. Anyway, a few days ago I was excited (and surprised) by MindFlow, a powerful and intense progressive (post) metal/hardcore band, now I’m listening into this “Realidade Aumentada” by The Tape Disaster and it’s quit a pleasant surprise. Waving around progressive and indie rock tunes, The Tape Disaster put together a beautiful world of images and sounds, they write a couple of nice tunes and some great songs shifting between moments of calm and dynamic twists. Unfortunately they don’t have a singer, but even exclusively with instrumental resources they managed to fill up the spaces and create a colorful and flowing material.

Usually I’m not quit interested in instrumental rock materials, mostly they come out pretty boring, but The Tape Disaster really done a beautiful album and it’s actually a nice material to listen to it. Quit charming.

The Tape Disaster – on MySpace
The Tape Disaster – Realidade Aumentada

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  1. fucking awesome. i love this guys. Especially “Rubão, owner of the world” the drummer boy. He’s ex member of company of pagode. another great hardcore band from brazil.

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