Throatruiner Records have a nice, fan-friendly approach by making most of their products accessible for free-download. I just wanna say this, on one hand the legal – or not – free downloads helps to spread and popularize the music and the new bands mainly, but on the other hand, every and each free download makes the artist lives one grade harder and one drop bitterer. So, I’m just telling you, support your favorite artists in any way you can, please share this album as much as you can, give them as much as you can. You may not realize how much that matters. The underground and the new artists deserves at least this much. Otherwise in a few years we may left exclusively with the plastic stuffs offered by the big corporated shitheads. Fuck. I had to say that. Thanks.
The Phantom Carriage are an extreme, but excitingly experimenting band combining different genres from black metal to jazz. “New Thing” is gloomy, intense and exciting, so don’t let yourself scared away by the very first impression.

I didn’t know any other information about them, only what’s on their Bandcamp page and unfortunately it seems there is another band (from UK) using the same title. It’s a pity situation and it happens often lately… Otherwise, the name comes from a 1921 Swedish romantic horror film, generally considered to be one of the central works in the history of Swedish cinema – for details see IMDd.
“Musical open-mindedness turns to a plague only when one have shitty taste”, once said the prophet. Well, “New Thing” is a twisted collection of perfectly blended genres from Jazz to Black Metal squeezed through the filter of what mainly we call “post metal” now days. This five piece band manage to melt into one all this different sounds and they came up with a very intense, brutally dark, but still breathing alive material. It’s not an easy/listening, and perhaps the aggressive beginning of “The Horses Feed Their Birds” may be extreme for some, but “New Thing” is quite a brilliant piece of work and it worth the effort to dive deep into its laborious and gloomy depths.
“Black Rain Falls In Drops” it may be a perfect example how Swing and the sound of the 40s Jazz may be twisted around and dislocated into some smashing riffs and killer hardcore like Metal.

Seven experimental tracks will give you a hell of a ride from Heaven to… Hell. Literally, but mainly musically. From the most extreme Metal butcheries to chansons and cross over.
Thanks Matthias!

The Phantom Carriage – New Thing (2011)
Throatruiner Records

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