ODC – One Dead City (2011)

Poland have a solid tradition of revolt and resistance and its include a tradition of underground and Punk movement as well. ODC from Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland, continuing this tradition, Gruby – vocals, Beben – drums, Zaraz – bass, Waldek and Greg – guitars, after the debut EP from January (free download from Bandcamp!) , now in March released their debut album consist of 14 short, incisive Punk Rock songs with some nice acoustic breaks and ingenious dynamic shifts. This is not brain surgery, this is Punk Rock, but One Dead City managed to write a couple of great songs, they have good riffs, pumping bass and “jump around” rhythms, and the acoustic moments giving them an original taste. If you dig a little bit on their MySpace page you will find links to Mediafire.com to download their full album as well, so it may be a good opportunity to listen and get know them.

Contact: odc@o2.pl
ODC – on MySpace

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