2 comments on “Mindset – Midnight Sky (2011)

  1. thanx for the review brushvox! just a quick note to clear up your band name issues… MINDSET formed in tasmania early 2005 as ‘MINDSET’, this is almost 2 years earlier than the baltimore MINDSET who actually formed under a different name and changed to MINDSET in 2006. yes it’s fustrating that there is more than one band calling themselves MINDSET but shit happens. anyway, glad u liked the tunes of the aussie MINDSET even if u don’t like their choice of bandname 😉

    • Hi Pete!
      it was my pleasure, absolutely great album! still, I believe it’s crucial for your further evolution to resolve one way or the other the legal issues considering your band name. Mindset sounds ok, but not if there’s at least four of them. 🙂
      Best Regards,

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