Iperyt – No State Of Grace (2011)

Called “extreme terror hardcore techno” it may sound even sicker than a sick innovation that it is. These guys from Poland delivered a contorted blend of black/death metal with merciless industrial noises. Grinding tempos, killer guitar riffs, Slayer like screaming vocals seems to be their winning recipe.  And it’s working like a chainsaw. More important, they managed to write not only powerful mixtures of furious black metal and death/grind slaughters with industrial after touch, but they have a couple of great songs: “A Pocket Size Armageddon”, ” The Antithesis”, “Scars Are Sexy”,”Keep Your Eyes Closed”,”The Player”.
Iperty sounds just like a killer jam between Slayer and Bile.

11 songs about a sick world, about the sickness of the human mind. It may be a little bit ruthless, but still, it sounds fucking great. Make no mistakes: they’ll gonna rip off your head!

Iperyt – On MySpace
Iperyt – On last.fm

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