Introitus – Elements (2011)

Introitus are another fine band from Sweden. Digging into the fields of neo-progressive area of rock filled with nice electronic textures, the band gathering around Mats Bender and his wife, Anna and the duo became a 7 members band including their own children Mattias and Johanna on drum and respectively as additional drummer. On extra synth, accordion, flute, fiddle and second guitar is Henrik Björlind, Pär Helje play the lead guitar and on bass is Dennis Lindqvis. “Elements” is their second full-length album following up “Fantasy” and its consist of 9 elaborated songs. It’s a colorful and flowing blend of classic and modern progressive elements extremely nicely combined into a new dimension. They have parallels from Yes through Marillion up to Dream Theater exploring a very wide open area of sounds and managed to blending them into their own. “Elements” it’s a very peaceful and joyful material even if the art work of the album may suggest otherwise. Swedes have a natural talent for music, Introitus make no exception.

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