Lord Of The Lost – Antagony (2011)

From Hamburg, Germany, Chris “The Lord” Harms bring to the surface another collection of gloomy, melancholic, but heavy songs in which dark textures, edgy guitar riffs, gothic roots, glam rock echoes and industrial approaches are build  into a powerful construction. Influences comes from Type O Negative to Marilyn Manson with strong accent on the gothic roots, and between these two references, Lord of The Lost create a vibrating and intense blending.
Chris Harms started out as vocalist and guitarist for industrial rock band Philiae in 1999 till 2004 when he switched to The Pleasures, band from the glam rock scene. But Chris kept one foot in the gothic scene as the singer of the electro/industrial project Unterart since 2006. In 2007 Chris joined as stage guitarist the band Big Boy and in 2008 he bring to life his new project, this Lord Of the Lost with guitarist Sensai (ex-The Pleasures), guitarist Sebsta, bass player Class and drummer Any.

“Antagony” is heavy and beautiful, it has a dense and catchy atmosphere, any Type O Negative or H.I.M. fan will be delighted and completely satisfied. “We Are The Lost” have the goth-metal nerve of Marilyn Manson, “Fragmenting Facade” could find his place on any Type O Negative album, “Love Is Not Enough” is better than any H.I.M. song written lately.
After their debut album entitled “Fear” and released last year in February, this second album proof that Lord Of The Lost find their path and they have lot to offer to the gothic/metal fans.

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