Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact (2011)

This is the fifth album by Gang Gang Dance and their continue the trip into the experimental electronic and worldbeat area of the music. They gained a kind of cult status in the New York underground and which finally push them into the mainstream attention. They blending electronic and post rock, psychedelic music into something strange and mysterious music with exotic perfume. Last year the band received publishing royalties from British group Florence and the Machine. Members of Gang Gang Dance noticed that part of “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” was lifted from their song “House Jam” from they 2008 album “Saint Dymphna” and approached Florence and the Machine’s label who acknowledged that “infringement had occurred”.
After releasing all their earlier records with Brooklyn label The Social Registry, in 2010 Gang Gang Dance signed with UK label 4AD and “Eye Contact” is the group’s second album after stepping out from the underground. 

We’ve got 10 very different songs, actually “Eye Contact” it’s just like a fresh musical cocktail, pumping and shining in different tones and lights, have million of colors and shades. I think Gang Gang Dance are the kind of band to love or hate and I kind of love them. Even if they reminds me of a bunch of other bands and artist, there’s nothing and nobody’s really like them. This album have a nice, spacy atmosphere and somehow it ties you down beat by beat, it has something hypnotic. The mixture of dance like music and experimental stuffs is extremely fresh and functional. And it’s kind of timeless.

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