Foo Fighters – Wasting Light (2011)

I never was excited by Dave Grohl after Nirvana’s band, Foo Fighters. It was too fluffy, too pop for my taste, too mainfuckingstream, too radio friendly and actually I have no taste for Dave’s funny approach and kind of parodies. If I wanna have fun listening music, I prefer Dennis Leary, The Bloodhound Gang or Richard Cheese. “The Pretender” directly pissing me off because I actually think that Dave is exactly that kind of pop star millionaire he make fun of it. Well, maybe I’m a wrong judge of characters, but he’s star and a millionaire for sure. Irony? Probably. On the other hand I’m convinced that Dave is also very talented. It may be a paradox, but that’s a fact. And Dave proved us this not once. He’s a great drummer, a great musician, a great songwriter. “All My Life” – the opening track of the 2002 album “One by One” – is a huge rock anthem. So, I didn’t really expected from Dave nothing this time, but “Wasting Light” actually it’s a great rock album.

Planned to be released on 11 April, 2011, the 11 tracks of “Wasting Light” are a perfect collection of modern, edgy, inspired rock songs. And what I found much more important, no more funny stuffs, no “The Pretender” part two. But a few great tunes, mature rock, great songs. I love “Arlandria”, “Walk”, “Miss the Misery”, “Back & Forth”, “Bridge Burning”  and the whole album is absolutely rock in the good old fashioned way and meaning and I really enjoy it. Foo Fighters rocks this time!

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