Empyr – Unicorn (2011)

Empyr is a five-member French alternative rock band formed as a side project in 2006 incorporating members from the bands Kyo, Watcha, Pleymo and Vegastar. Their debut album entitled “The Peaceful Riot” was recorded in late 2008 in Los Angeles and produced by Ken Andrews, formerly Failure, who has worked with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pete Yorn and A Perfect Circle. To increase their chances on the international market, theychoose to write the lyrics and sing in English. Empyr are Benoît Poher (vocals) & Florian Dubos (guitar) from Kyo, Benoît Juillard (bass) from Pleymo, Fred Duquesne (guitar) from Watcha & Jocelyn Moze (drums), formerly from Vegastar.

“Unicorn” is the new set of 11 tracks, the boys blending pop rock and indie rock tunes into they kind of warm, soft, danceable music. Mainly soft electronic textures and discrete guitars are merged with danceable rhythms, it’s nice, they have a few good moments, but too many bands are riding on this wave of indie pop doing very similar kind of things. “Give Me More”, “Goodbye”, “Helena”, “Souvenir”,  “Under the Fur” and “Quiet” are quite ok and Empyr sounds like a blending of Kings Of Leon with Does It Offend You, Yeah. It’s hard to beat Brits or Americans in their own game, but not impossible.

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