Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso UFO – Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Inner Space (2011)

It’s almost kinky to write and record a 32 minutes long song these days. And actually it’s a nice track, the mix is what bothering me. The slide guitar is much too loud and covers almost completely the solo guitars and the bass. And it’s pity, they done beautiful things if you listen careful enough. But if you have to focus hard, all the pleasure of the listening goes out on the window. Still, “Part 1” from “Pink Lady Lemonade – Youre From Inner Space” it’s kind of chill, joyful, warm and embracing. A nice trip with beautiful images made of sounds running before our eyes. “Part 2” break in like a noisy explosion, it’s a crazy mixture of improvisations on psychedelic, noise rock and jazz like samples. It last only five minutes, but it’s heavy. “Part 3” comes back with the spacy theme of “Part 1”, the mix is much convincing, the pulse is a little bit faster and the song got a pleasant groove. 10 minutes of shades and bubbling sounds which brings me the image of a blooming flower. Well, kind of hippy. 🙂

The forth and final part flows back kindly to the beginning making this record round. Unfortunatly I still believe Kawabata Makoto’s (a.k.a. Speed Guru) guitar is mostly much under mixed. At the end of the track somebody may noticed this fact and push the volume of the guitar quite too up… (Next time try to find the perfect  midway and balance…) These guys kills live and their almost classic “Pink Lady Lemonade” it’s a fascinating trip into a wide open space. Anyone who has ever witnessed Acid Mothers Temple live has more than likely heard them perform Pink Lady Lemonade. It’s a staple of their live sets and has been released in various forms, this is one more pearl to the collection.
The current live line-up of the group is: Tsuyama Atsushi – bass, voice, acoustic guitar; Higashi Hiroshi – synthesizer, electric guitar, voice; Shimura Koji – drums; and Kawabata Makoto – electric guitar, voice.

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