Truth Corroded – Worship The Bled (2011)

Truth Corroded are an extreme thrash metal band from Adelaide, South Australia and since 2003, the band has recorded three albums, “Our Enemy Is The Weapon” in 2005, “Upon The Warlords Crawl” in 2008 – mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry – and in 2010 they recorded their third material, this newly released “Worship The Bled”. On the new album features Daath drummer Kevin Talley, who has also performed with bands such as Chimaria, Misery Index and Dying Fetus. The band has once again worked with Jonas Kjellgren, who mixed, mastered and contributed a lead guitar solo to the albums opening song ‘ Knives of the Betrayed ‘. The album features artwork from Killustrations who has provided art for bands such as Dew-Scented, Zyklon, Sodom, Aborted and One Man Army.
Truth Corroded give us 10 new tracks of classic, intense thrash metal with some death and metalcore infusions.Crushing tracks, raging guitars, smashing drums, furious vocals, Truth Corroded are in the same league with Lamb Of God and The Haunted, or even Slayer, as somebody else said: “While everything else from Australia will either kill, fuck or eat you, Truth Corroded thrashes you to death.”Definitively.

Truth Corroded – Official Site

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