Ten After Two – Truth Is… (2011)

Intense, smashing and raging post-hardcore phrases and post-emo/screamo, more melodious passages seems to be the recipe of this young band from Sacramento, CA formed in May of 2009 by  two school friends, drummer Vincent Adorno and guitarist Pat Hennion.
Next arrived vocalist and guitarist Josh Doty, who previously played in a band called Elanor Manor and he also introduced vocalist Sean Wall. The final piece to the puzzle was bassist Danny Clark and the band begun writing, producing their music.Melodic vocals and furious screams are completing each other, heavy guitars riffs, pumping bass and ravishing drums are mixed with some colorful samples and they managed to write a few intense themes and a couple of good songs, and it’s more than good enough for a debut album. They may have to get rid of some of the obvious clichés and they still can improve their lyrics and messages, but “Thruth Is…” it’s clearly a step up after their debut EP “If You Don’t First” from 2010, and I guess, being able to progress is the most important thing. “Satan’s Slumber Party” it’s one of their best moments, but not the only one.

I think we have to get used to it: a new generation coming, they may need some time, we may look the other way,  but eventually they will find their identity and actually I heard a few really interesting bands, so, patience.

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