Sum 41 – Screaming Bloody Murder (2011)

With their debut effort “All Killer No Filler” released back in 2001 certified platinum in Canada, the United States and in the UK and the following three releases certified platinum in Canada, Sum 41 definitively it’s what we call a mainstream rock/punk band. Still, these Canadian guys rocks harder then 99.9% of the so-called rock and punk bands the record companies and the media trying to sell us as “real stuffs”. They blending intelligently rock, punk and hardcore elements and they have a good taste to write real songs. “Screaming Bloody Murder” is not only in its title a killer piece of work, it’s really an intense material far from the usual “bubble gum” and “soap box” pseudo-punk stuffs we get used with lately.
Deryck “Bizzy D” Whibley – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard, Jason “Cone” McCaslin – bass guitar, backing vocals, Steve “Stevo” Jocz – drums, percussion, and Tom “Brown Tom” Thacker – lead guitar, backing vocals managed to write and put together a quality material, 14 (plus 2 bonus) tracks without any senseless filling.Since “American Idiot” I didn’t hear something good as it is, and “American Idiot” was an exception.
While the previous “Underclass Hero” (2007) was a kind of step back to the band’s old pop punk style, on “Screaming Bloody Murder” there’s no trace of pop s*it, even when they get a little bit softer, they still keep a high intensity level, managed to mix perfectly the melodious choruses with the pumping bass and cutting guitar riffs, I heard no intentions of making compromises. Well, probably for a conservative punk fellow dedicated to The Exploited (for example), Sum 41 maybe it’s  still not enough violent, but this guys definitively rocks.
This is a very round material, worth to listen from the first second till the last one and this is another rare characteristic lately… So, I won’t mention any particular track, I enjoyed the whole “Screaming Bloody Murder” and really, it was a very nice surprise.

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